Young People Testimonials

"I like to kneel in front of Jesus and see Him up close. I am so honored to see Jesus."   - Liza, age 9


"I feel really holy being so close to Jesus. I can tell him what I did wrong and what I did right."   - Mia, age 9


"I feel very peaceful in adoration where  Jesus simply listens to me.  I love my encounter with Jesus."   - Carli, age 7

"I like that it is so peaceful and quiet so that I can focus on my thoughts. Adoration is not a thing most people get to witness. I feel really special spending this time with God."   - Allie, age 10

"In Adoration, I feel like time has stopped. I can talk to Jesus. I don't talk out loud but I think of things to say and He responds to them. Normally, when we pray in the classroom, I don't feel I hear as much as I do in Adoration. When Jesus is so close to us in Adoration, I can journal 3 whole pages."   -Zoe age 10

"I like the feeling that Jesus is right in front of me in the Blessed Sacrament. It seems that people pray harder and focus more on Jesus during Adoration."   - Becca, age 11


"I like Adoration because it lets you come closer to Christ. Even though Jesus is always with us, it seems extra special. When we have Adoration, I just feel like I let all my sorrow out of my heart and have joy fill the rest. Adoration is one of my favorite things about Kyrion."   - Mia, age 10

""I really started to get to know God better, and know that He really loves me."   -Caroline, age 12

One Heart~One Fire Ministries 

is an organization that is faithful to the Magisterium

of the Catholic Church and desires to contribute

to the New Evangelization at it's most

foundational level...our children.

We are committed to the

spiritual formation of children

through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Want to bring

 One Heart ~ One Fire  

Ministries to your area?

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