Adult Testimonials

"A couple of years ago when my oldest daughter, who is now in college, was in grade school at St. Wenceslaus, I remember sitting at daily masses with my younger daughter Michelle, who is now in high school.  I would wish and pray that my kids and other at St. Wenceslaus would be blessed to experience Jesus the way I did back in India - JESUS the living God.   A few years went by and when Michelle was in 7th grade, little did I know that my simple prayers were going to be a reality.  The first One Heart~One Fire prayer group, named Kyrion, was started with 7 girls, with one being my daughter Michelle.  The Lord used our Erin to orchestrate and lead this group and soon the group grew bigger and bigger and now as you know there are many groups with kids from different schools. As for the original 7 girls, today they attend different Catholic High Schools but in their own way take time to witness at St. Wenceslaus's with grade retreats, and have participated in other occasional retreats.  I really hope these girls will continue to grow in the Lord even more, in whatever paths they choose and I pray that the Lord will always protect and bless them and their families always."  

- Mary Thommi, (mother of participant)

"At first I felt needed. Then I felt that I needed this as much (or more) than the kids. It's a lot like working out at the gym. I love to work out but it is hard to find the time, once I do I am always glad I did.  I also have a difficult time finding time for daily prayer but Kyrion gives me this time. I am always glad that I spent this time with Jesus and the kids.  To me, this prayer time with the kids is giving children time for pray in a way they might otherwise not experience, to have that quiet time to listen to God and talk with Him. To give children the opportunity to give their worries to God. It is so wonderful to learn all of this at such an early age when their hearts are so open to Jesus. I wish it had been available to me at a young age. These kids are amazing!"  

Katie Clark, (Leader for Kyrion)

"What is really powerful to me when I pray about Kyrion and focus on God's desire, is for the children to see how strong His desire is for them to come to Him, any time, with the good and the bad, and that He wants a relationship with them that goes beyond mere obligation.  He is a friend, a guide, an advocate for each of them no matter what they have done or what has happened to them. For these kids to learn that HE IS THERE for them, starting at this young age, helps them through the rough times that are inevitable in this life, and empowers them to seek His guidance on their own, not wait for evening prayers with Mom and Dad or for a religion teacher or priest to press them to spend time with God.  They choose to seek Him out because they have developed a meaningful relationship with Him, a vertical relationship they share."  

- Jean, (Leader for Kyrion St. Wenceslaus and Core Member for Hearts of Marian)

"I am not a member of the Kyrion prayer group, but I have had several opportunities to witness students as they go through a Kyrion session.  The first thing I noticed was how peaceful the students were.  They seemed relaxed and open to the Holy Spirit.  Next, I noticed how each child when asked to pray for another was so open and willing to pray aloud what their heart was telling them at that time. I also saw how the adult facilitators would read or recite a scripture story and how the students seemed engrossed in the story and just hung on every word.  I envisioned how the apostles were when Jesus was talking and teaching them.  Kyrion is another means by which students experience God through prayer, adoration, journalling and sharing their love of Jesus.  We are fortunate to have this program here at St. Wenceslaus and to see the students grow in their faith really is amazing."

- William Huben (Principal, St. Wenceslaus School)



"God has drawn me closer to Him by using my memory of Sunday school.  In Sunday school, I would sit and listen to the teacher read the story.  It made me feel good.  So when my son turned four, I decided I would teach Sunday school or help with Kyrion prayer group.  In Kyrion we would praise and worship God and pray with Scripture.  God spoke to me through the children’s prayer journals -three, four, and five year olds drawing what was on their hearts.  In our Sunday school the kids would draw space ships, light sabers, parties, playing with their friends – no Jesus.   We would hold teacher meetings and the other teachers would talk about how beautiful their children’s journaling was.  Well, that wasn’t happening in my class room.  The Kyrion coordinator told me to ask the children, “Where is Jesus in your picture?”  So I did, but they still didn’t understand how He could be in their picture.    

Then it hit me, what a powerful question for them and me!  Where is Jesus in MY picture?  Where is Jesus in my life?  One – two hours a week?  Am I doing Kyrion during my daily life…am I taking time to worship God and letting Him speak to me through Scripture ?  Am I trying to lead these children down a path I’m not familiar with?  Jesus was knocking at my door and finally, I started drawing him in my pictures.  Jesus taught me that if my pictures didn’t include Jesus –the children I was leading, wouldn’t include Jesus in their pictures.  I couldn’t lead these children toward Jesus if I didn’t know Him myself.  I realized that Jesus wanted to be a part of everything – laundry, job, marriage, everything!   So I started to read daily scripture and let it melt into my heart as a constant prayer for the day.  Meditate, how does Jesus want to be in my life today?  Is He in my picture?  What is scripture telling me?  It can be frustrating to see children draw and write about worldly things after they have listened to the Scripture.  I simply have to remember that Jesus wants to be let into their hearts.  At Kyrion, Jesus knocks on the door of their hearts, and as the leader I help them reach for the door knob." 

- Machelle Krajewski, (Leader and Core team member for Kyrion at St. Wenceslaus)

"May I be important in the life of a child" - Larry Hammack (Kyrion leader)

One Heart~One Fire Ministries 

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through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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