One Hear One Fire School Adoration

Leader Information

  • Get Adoration on the school Calendar.

    1. Secure quarterly adoration

      1. Due to church size, we use 2 days with 2 grades per session for each quarter

      2. Schedule afternoons if funerals are in the mornings

      3. Beware of more than 2 sessions back to back for volunteers

      4. Leave 10 minutes between sessions to adjust materials/journals

    2. Secure priests or deacons to expose/repose Blessed Sacrament (confirm and remind as time approaches)


  • Prepare Journals

    1. Buy notebooks for each student – non-spirals, no lines work best

    2. Create labels of each student name for each journal

    3. Have extra journals and blank labels for new students

    4. Separate by grade (use colored dots which need to be changed each year)

    5. Have a supply of pencils sharpened


  • Gather Volunteers

    1. Have a core team pray for Adoration

    2. Have core team promote Adoration via word of mouth and flyers, school news, etc.

    3. Train volunteers (walk them through adoration, sharing, praying)

    4. Older grades can have peer leaders once trained

    5. Ask teachers to fill in when parents are unable to make it


  • Create Groups

    1. Divide classes into groups (most adult volunteers want to be with their own child)

    2. (Show groups to teachers to see if there are any obvious conflicts)


  • Choose Songs students know

    1. Ask the music teacher which songs students know well that would be appropriate for adoration

    2. Sing, play live music or cd


  • Choose Scripture

    1. Scripture for upcoming Sunday is always good.

    2. Create hand gestures or props for younger grades

    3. Copy handouts for student reflection

      1. colored paper helps separate older and younger grades

      2. scripture passage

      3. reflection questions


  • Send reminder emails to volunteers


  • Send thank you emails to volunteers, teachers, principal and priests

    1. This is where you get feedback

    2. Share the feedback with teachers, principal, priests so they can be encouraged

One Heart~One Fire Ministries 

is an organization that is faithful to the Magisterium

of the Catholic Church and desires to contribute

to the New Evangelization at it's most

foundational level...our children.

We are committed to the

spiritual formation of children

through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Want to bring

 One Heart ~ One Fire  

Ministries to your area?

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