Want to begin a One Heart~One Fire Ministry in your area? 


What to do?

  • Speak to your Pastor about the desire to begin a One Heart~One Fire Ministry.  The Holy Spirit moves in unity.  You will need your Pastor's blessing.  

  • Email us at ohofministries@gmail or check the contact page for ministry contact.


What do I need?
  • Love of God and children 

  • A desire to grow in deeper relationship with God

  • An openness to the Holy Spirit’s movement in your life and in the life of others

  • Approval of pastor and/or school principal

  • Make a commitment to participate in the initial and ongoing formation
    programs for OHOF.

  • A team of at least three individuals willing to pray weekly for the children,
    leaders and the meeting times.  This team is known as the OHOF parish core

  • One Heart One Fire Norms for starting a prayer group are:

  1. Approval by the Pastor. 

  2. Children/teens will not be charged to participate in OHOF prayer groups.

  3. To alleviate all financial burdens to a parish related to OHOF prayer groups, all 
    formation materials including: suggested format, scripture meditations, and age 
    appropriate activities to help the group enter into the prayer time; suggested
    formats and formation for adoration times; leader formation materials, etc will
    be provided at no cost from OHOF. These materials will be sent via email upon request.

  4. OHOF prayer groups are open to all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and provide space and freedom for participants to experience more of His presence in their lives.

  5. One Heart One Fire prayer group formats consist of three components: personal prayer time, communal prayer time, and ministry time with each other.

  6. A Pastor will appoint a parish liaison for a OHOF prayer group.

  7. All OHOF prayer groups will a Core Team.

What is a Core Team?

Norms for the Parish OHOF Core Team Members:

  1. Is committed to the vision of OHOF prayer groups as reflected by the leader norms.

  2. A Core Team consists of at least three individuals. The parish liaison is welcome to participate on the Core Team. 

  3. Preferably has a spiritual director or companion.

  4. Shares in core team responsibilities for the group listed below and commits to participate in the initial and ongoing formation of their OHOF prayer groups.

  5. Commit to gather together weekly at a time separate from OHOF prayer group meetings to pray together for the children, leaders and the meetings.

The Core Team responsibilities can be divided as below:

St. Michael, the Protector:

  • Communicates with OHOF leaders and parent helpers

  • Communicates and implements decisions discerned by the core group

  • Coordinates leader formation sessions

  • Provides additional weekly formation through email

  • Coordinates the content of the parent informational meetings

  • Intercedes for the Leaders

St. Raphael, the Healer, works with the staff liaison to:

  • Communicate with OHOF parents through weekly emails

  • Email OHOF information packet to new parents

  • Communicate with the Pastor, Asst. Pastor and Principal

  • Coordinate and distribute via email snack and volunteer schedules

  • Track student attendance

  • Organize registration forms

  • Organize information packets for parent informational meetings

  • Intercede for the parents

St. Gabriel, the Guardian:

  • Lead leader prayer time on Friday

  • Core Prayer Group Leader

  • Provide weekly spiritual sharing for parent emails

  • Intercedes for the children


What will I need to lead a group of youth?

A One Heart One Fire leader is:

  1. Committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church and has an active sacramental life.

  2. 19 years of age or older.

  3. In compliance with Archdiocesan/Diocesan Safe Environment training guidelines.

  4. Committed to daily, personal prayer.

  5. Desiring to grow deeper in personal relationship with the Trinity and allowing  the Holy Spirit to move as He desires within their own heart and the students’ during the prayer time.

  6. Committed to the vision of OHOF as reflected by the OHOF norms.

  7. Committed to attend the 30 minute leader prayer time prior to the OHOF prayer group.

  8. Committed to be present at the actual OHOF meetings.

  9. Committed to attend the following One Heart One Fire prayer group formations.

  10. Committed to personal formation in God’s heart.

  11. Willing to attend one formational meeting a month in place of, or in addition to, the children/youth prayer group.

What other help might I need?

As your prayer group grows, people may be interested in helping in ways outside of being a leader.  Some possibilities are:

  • Adult help in rooms.  Anyone working with the children must be Safe Environment trained.   

  • Helping with mailings and registrations 

  • Intercessory Prayer for the children, leaders, and families 

  • Help greet children at beginning of prayer group 

  • Various administrative needs 

  • Donations to allow the program to continue at no cost 

A helper in a prayer group is:
1. committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church and has an active sacramental life.
2. in compliance with Archdiocesan/Diocesan Safe Environment training guidelines if they work directly with the children/youth.
3. committed to daily, personal prayer.
4. desiring to grow deeper in personal relationship with the Trinity.
5. willing to allow the Holy Spirit to move as He desires for yourself and the students during the prayer time.
6. committed to the vision of OHOF prayer groups as reflected by the OHOF norms.
7. encouraged to attend the following One Heart One Fire prayer group formations:
        Formation weekend for 2013 - 14 will take place at St. Robert Bellarmine Manelli Center 

        Date:  Friday, Sept. 6 from 6 - 9 pm 

                   Saturday, Sept. 7 from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

        Fall formation series will take place on:

                   Oct. 1: "Evangelization and Discipleship" by Bill Beckman  

                   Oct. 8: "Evangelization and Discipleship in Children’s lives" by Teresa Monaghen

8. committed to personal formation in God’s heart.

What resources will I need?
  • A space for the prayer time to occur 

  • Bibles, journals and pens or crayons

  • A CD player or simple live music for the worship time

  • Keep it simple!  What ever else you add is based on the people God draws into
    the ministry at each particular church.


If I am a school teacher and I want to use some of this in my classroom: How much time will I need?

You can take as little as five minutes in class or as much as an hour.  There is no right or wrong. One could set aside a larger amount of time weekly, or to set aside a little time each day.

Are there special skills required?
All the gifts required are received at Baptism - the life of God within us.  The rest can be learned as we go.

When to begin?
“Now is a very acceptable time.”  2 Cor 6:2
You can begin gathering information and praying as a team at any time.  A start date should be prayerfully determined by your core team, in cooperation with your pastor, principal, or appointed staff liaison.

One Heart~One Fire Ministries 

is an organization that is faithful to the Magisterium

of the Catholic Church and desires to contribute

to the New Evangelization at it's most

foundational level...our children.

We are committed to the

spiritual formation of children

through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Want to bring

 One Heart ~ One Fire  

Ministries to your area?

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