One Heart~One Fire Ministries, Inc. was founded in response to Pope Benedict XVI’s continued call for a New Evangelization.

We are faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and are based within the Archdiocese of Omaha, Nebraska.  We are committed to assisting bishops, pastors and parishes in the spiritual formation of children. One Heart~One Fire Ministries, Inc. offers prayer groups, programs, resources, retreats, and consultation that empowers parents, youth ministers, teachers and religious in helping young people know the Father's heart.  We desire to provide atmospheres where children can rest in God’s personal love for them and experience Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. In this atmosphere children become aware of and understand God’s grace and presence within their everyday lives, in their family life, in their Catholic faith and in their public witness to God.  It is our hope that, through these prayer experiences, young people will be encouraged to choose to live the truth of who God is, and in turn, who they are as beloved children of God.  In short, we hope that through these ministries, young people's hearts will be set ablaze with the fire of God. 

About Us

Working together for the good of children


Some leaders of various One Heart~ One Fire Ministries throughout the greater Omaha area

One Heart~One Fire Ministries 

is an organization that is faithful to the Magisterium

of the Catholic Church and desires to contribute

to the New Evangelization at it's most

foundational level...our children.

We are committed to the

spiritual formation of children

through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Want to bring

 One Heart ~ One Fire  

Ministries to your area?

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